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'al hilweh wil murra / 2021

Coffee is integral part of the Palestinian culture and traditions in key occasions from weddings to tribal reconciliation to funerals.
The arabic coffee material culture got distorted little by little,  nowadays people use generic mass produced coffeeware in their homes.
I started the project by questioning the currently used objects and how they came to be what they are today. 
The different powers that were present in the region over decades have had chronic influence on the local arabic coffee material objects from the ottoman coffeeware to the brittish tea sets. 
“'Al Hilwe w'il murra” means “on sweet and bitter (occasions)”, is an arabic coffeware set that challenges the current mass produced arabic coffeeware sets. 
The project consists of a set of coffee cups, pot and tray free of the colonial influence of Brittish tea sets (saucer, handle and wavy porcelain, victorian flowers..).
This design offers precise shape and material that serves its particular use and function in serving and drinking arabic coffee in the traditional way. 

coffee est
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