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Bowls of Solidarity / 2021

Bowls of Solidarity is a donation project that involved organizing a food sale event, serving hot Filipino meals in ceramic bowls that you get to keep.

The project was created in collaboration between Shenkar's “Advanced ceramics” course students and “Culture of Solidarity”, as a donation to the UCI organization which fights for the regulation of the status of children born to migrant workers, as well as raising social awareness about the subject.

The event was hoster by TEDER.FM, one of the top venues for events in the city. Over the course of three months, more than 300 bowls were slip casted and glazed, in order to be sold served with a traditional Filipino dish at the event.
In groups of 3, we had different tasks, my 
contribution was designing the bowls as well as slip casting and creating the social media graphics.

bowl production process
event posts 
event pics
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